May 5th announcements

May 5th, 2017


Good Day Everyone: 

Today’s Lunch we are thankful for all the generous food that everyone brought for our Fabulous Pot Luck

Strength and Balance classes are going to be Mondays and Wednesday at 11:30am for the month of May.

Trade show signup sheet is in the main hall.  Please look at the times and sign up.

YATS bus riders.  If you use the YATS bus service to get around town, Please contact John Soderberg at 446-8585 or Wendy Bisaro at 873-3101

Member Contact.  The YK Seniors Society usually contacts members by email.  We are looking at other ways for you to get our information for the ongoing events we have.  Please contact Kim at 873-9475 for an alternative way for us to get you the information

Bingo Volunteers required for Saturday May 13th at the Tree of Peace.  This Bingo is for the YK Seniors Society.  Shifts are either from 4-7pm or 7-10pm.  Please sing up to support the YK Seniors Society

UP Coming Events

Trade show May 13th and May 14th

Diabetic Support Group Thursday May 11th at 6:30pm at the Baker Community Centre

CHHA Open House May 30th starting at 6pm

YK Seniors Society Bingo Saturday May 13th at the Tree of Peace starting at 7pm

Have the most amazing weekend