July 7th Announcements

July 7th


Good Day Everyone: 

Today’s Lunch we are thankful for the Ladies Auxiliary from the Yellowknife Legion


We need to say many thanks to all that helped make July 1stCANADA DAY possible for the YK Seniors Society:

Float  Truck and Propane Compliments of

Shoppers Drug Mart Cindy Dolynny and her Amazing Crew for all the gifts and decorations for the float

 Weatherby Trucking for the outstanding truck and driver that they provided. Driving was Blair Weatherby

 Bumper to Bumper for the propane without that out food would have been cold

 For July 1st Canada Day Breakfast we need to thank the following

Joe Walsh, John Soderberg, Albert Eggenberger, Joe Handley, Pat and Jessie Jasper, Dave Wind, Brian Latham

 July 1st Canada Day Ice Cream Social we need to thank the following

            Hugh and Frances Wetmore

Shirley Stewart

 UP Coming Events

Strength and Balance classes are going to be Mondays and Wednesday at 11:30am for the month of July.

Please except my apology if I have forgotten anyone that helped.