July 14th Announcements

July 14th

Good Day Everyone:  
Today’s Lunch we are thankful for John, Bev, Emelda, Kathy for the BBQ chicken, roasted veggies, coleslaw and dessert

There is not too much going on at the Centre for the month of July.
Most of the programs have stopped for the summer.  It is a good time to get out and enjoy the weather and gardens.

We would like to Thank Ben, Sue and Bev for water the plants around the Centre and in the green house.  Also the ladies that have garden boxes, they are coming along nicely.  Can’t wait to see all the fresh produce next month. You all have made the outside side of the Centre look amazing

Folk on the Rocks this weekend, should be a great event and amazing weather for it.  Remember your sun screen and bug dope.

UP Coming Events
Strength and Balance classes are going to be Mondays and Wednesday at 11:30am for the month of July.