Conversation of Aging Survey

Conversations on Ageing in the NWT
Help us plan a first-ever NWT conference event on aging. 
Let’s have a renewed conversation, or better yet, a series of renewed conversations about what ageing means to us and what we can do to enrich our lives as we grow older.  We’re asking Northerners to have those conversations now and bring them together over a two day gathering in Yellowknife this coming October.

Please give us your input on conference topics.
We’d like you to share some initial thoughts to guide us in planning the conference event in ways that mean the most to you.  Please fill out the following survey and return it to ___________ by March 15 or earlier.  If you don’t make March 15, that’s OK, share with us when you can. 

Thank you!

Possible conversation topics
Please number from 1-10 the topics below that most interest you, in order of interest.
eg.     1    Nutrition and healthy living
    2    Wills, Powers of Attorney, etc.

☐     Active living & social engagement
☐     Nutrition and healthy living as we age
☐    Volunteer, mentor, stay active and engaged (discovering             new and fun ways to keep fit)
☐    Dental care (maximizing dental health)
☐    Extended health benefits

Personal growth
☐    Find continued meaning and purpose in daily activities
☐    Take advantage of life-long learning opportunities (e.g. skill             development, languages, hobbies, crafts)
☐    Actively deepen our inner life
☐    Employment and business opportunities for older adults

Sharing information
☐    Alzheimer’s and dementia – support groups for older adults
☐    Wills, powers of attorney, personal directives and estate             planning and advanced care planning
☐    Tax issues as we get older
☐    Strengthening the voice of older adults in the community (ideas for connecting and sharing with others, including younger people)
☐    Social media (using Facebook and other social media)
☐    What are cell phone “Apps” and which ones are helpful
☐    Protecting yourself from abuse: financial abuse, theft, scams, and family violence
☐    Insurance (life insurance, annuities, etc.)
☐    Financing our old age (as individuals)
☐    Realizing our strengths as we age in our communities
☐    Medical Assistance in Dying – the realities in the NWT
☐    How and when to choose long term care

Issues and policies impacting seniors
☐    Getting older – Physical and mental health issues  
☐    Housing issues for seniors
☐    Government financing for an older society
☐    English is not my first language – the challenges associated with that as we get older
☐    How to benefit most from technology in our lives

Hands-on sessions
☐    Cooking healthy for one – how do I start to downsize? 
☐    Yoga and meditation
☐    Elders in motion activities
☐    Storytelling
☐    Art classes (drawing/sketching, acrylics, water colors, etc.)
☐    Accessing the Internet and computer skills

What’s missing?  What other topics or activities do you want?

Would you like a trade show to showcase services and products such as mobility aids, assistive devices, etc. as part of the gathering?
Other suggestions?
Would you like to volunteer?   ☐      Yes
                    ☐        No

If yes, please provide your name, phone number and email address below.

Thank you!