july 12th updates

LWAB FOR July 12, 2019

Good afternoon:

Todays lunch is brought to you by the Letters “TNR” for True North Rotary. This amazing group comes in 3 to 4 times a year to serve and hang out with us at Lunch with a Bunch. Please give them all a warm round of applause.

If you get a chance, please walk through our garden. With the weather being what it has been, I think that things are coming along. The plants in the green house have come along. The tomatoes are coming along and starting to ripen. If you go on our website www.yksenior.ca you can see what the progress is. We need to thank Shirley McGrath and Ben Nind for helping and taking on the Garden this year.


Things that are happening in the month of Aug

Aug 6th at 10:30am Tuesday Avens, Ecology North and the Baker Centre will be holding a composting information session here at the Baker Community Centre. With Avens getting a new green house and starting to compost, we at the baker centre are going to start with the products we use from Lunch with a Bunch each Friday.

Sincerely YK Seniors Society

#2 5710 50th Ave, Yellowknife, NT