LWAB FOR November 29, 2019

Good afternoon:    

 Todays lunch is from Prem and Krish and all those that volunteered to help out today.

 Good day to everyone: 

 Raffle Tickets Season is upon us.  We are in the final stretch of selling our Raffle Tickets.  In the lobby are schedules for the next 4 weeks.  Please sign up and get the spot you want to work.  Thank you Everyone that has helped with this event.

 I was notified by Julie Green MLA for YK Centre that there will be NO Seniors Tea at the Legislative Assembly this year,this was the tea that was usually  in December. YK MLAs are looking at doing something in June for Seniors Month

 Looking to do a gingerbread house decorating on Friday Dec 13th in the afternoon after lunch with a bunch.  All things will be supplied just looking for numbers on who would like to participate so I can get the shopping done.  Free of charge and there will be prizes to be had.


AS the holidays are fast approaching please be wise to the scams that are coming over email, text messages, phone calls. If you are unsure always hang up and phone the company they say they are from directly, or delete the email. Always better to be safe than sorry.

 Check out the website for the November calendar and lots of other useful information.


Enjoy your lunch.

Kimberly Doyle              

Executive Director