January 3rd announcements

LWAB FOR Jan 3rd. 2020

Good afternoon:    

Todays Lunch is POT LUCK.  Thank you all for coming and being part of our first lunch of the new year.

Good day to everyone: 

We have 3 teams for the walk to TUK program, sponsored by NWTRPA.  I have sent out a welcome email to all that have signed up.  I will be emailing during the program to update you on your teams progress.  I will also be emailing you individually to let you know what team you are on and when I need submissions.  I will only need the times in hours and minutes.

Dawn will be offering Yoga again in Jan,  Come out and try something else to keep you active, Interested in a movement that is good for diabetes,  high blood pressure heart disease among others?  On the 6th of January, come on out and enjoy a 1 hour, 15 min. Hatha Yoga class which includes chair, standing, mat, and flow postures.

Let Dawn Collins be your guide as you work together on improving circulation, posture respiration flexibility, strength among many other benefits.

Class starts at 10:00am., 

Beginners welcome!

The new year is here. This is just a reminder that we will be collecting the $15.00 fee for 2020 we are still collecting memberships

Check out the website www.yksenior.ca for the January 2020 calendar and lots of other useful information

Enjoy your lunch.

Kimberly Doyle              

Executive Director