Friday April 17th Announcements

Good afternoon Everyone:

Hoping this is finding you all well,  It was a short week here at the Baker Community Centre.

Wishing you a belated Hoppy Easter,  I know it is not all what we expected to do for the holiday, but i did notice the nice people in the Court and the Ridge put up Easter eggs( cut outs of paper that they decorated themselves) in their windows, that were provided by the YK Seniors Society, for some of the residents grand kids to come by and count the Easter eggs on a drive by Hunt.

WE need to wish Gloria and Rudy a very Happy 41st Wedding Anniversary this week, spoke to Gloria and she said quarantined together has been good.

I have made a face book page for the YK Seniors Society, please if you have facebook go over and check it out and share and like the page.  I have been updating the page with different helpful hints, from phone numbers for the GNWT if you have any questions, to different exercise programs that you can be doing from home.

Also starting on Wednesday April 22nd at 11:30 am I will be doing a live strength and balance class if you would like to join in.  We are going to try this for a bit to see how it works.

One last thing I want to say even with all the chaos that Fridays Lunches brought each and every week, I truly do miss the loud noises and people talking, and yes even the occasional hug from people.

Have the most amazing Friday and the rest of your week.


Executive Director

YK Seniors’ Society