Friday April 24th Announcements

Good Day Everyone;

This is week 5 of the Wellness Check.  We have some good things to to be grateful for.

1st.  All 5 persons that had Covid-19 have all made a healthy recovery here in the NWT.  

2nd.  Happy Birthday wishes are going out to all the April people.

Alida W, Betty G, Brad W. Carla P, Dan C, Dot B, Esther R, Frank Y, Helen W, Hugh W, Jack Mac, Jacquelyn B, Jan W, Janaki B, Jeff G, Karan S, Ken H, Lily H, Linda G Lois L. Mike B, Selanna L, Serguel M, Susanne I.

3. This months Lunch with a Bunch Sponsors are the following

April 3rd POT LUCK

April 10th Closed for Good Friday

April 17th would have been the Seniors Society

April 24th NWT Literacy Council

4. We all need to Congratulate Dick and Loretta Abernathy on the birth of their second Grandson born on Wednesday April 22nd 

5. Starting Tuesday May 4th at 2pm depending on the weather I am organizing a walk for the people of the Avens Court and Ridge.  We will be practicing physical distancing. and all that comes with the GNWT Health Act order.  This will be a way to get that much needed clearing of your head but still see your friends at the same time.  

6. Thank you all for watching or commenting on the Facebook Live event that was held on Wednesday,  We will be continuing this event every Monday and Wednesday at 11:30 am on our Facebook page.  This will continue until we can all meet up again.  If you going to take part make sure that you have a towel or resistant band and a small ball. These items are not needed but helpful for others.

7. The Yellowknifer is dropping papers off to the Baker Centre just on Fridays.  If you want to come by and pick up one the doors are open from 1-4pm today.

I am missing everyone’s smiling faces on Friday.  

Kimberly Doyle

Executive Director

Yellowknife Seniors Society