Good Morning Everyone:           


 Due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19  case in Yellowknife we will be taking extra precautions here at the Baker Community Centre

 Starting Tuesday Jan 19th, 2021 masks will have to be worn in all the common areas of the centre.  So that means that you will be needing to be wearing one to entre the building.  You will not need to wear one during yours classes, unless it is already stated you need to wear one with the program you are taking, (ie tai chi and Scottish country dancing mask required).

You will not be required to be wearing a mask if you are having coffee or Lunch with a Bunch as long as you remain seated but if you get up to move around the building a mask will be required.

 When entering the office of the Executive Director to pay for a program and such please wear a mask.

As before you will also still have to sanitize and sign in upon arrival.

 Please if you do not feel well Please stay home until you are better.

Please note we do have extra masks if you have forgotten yours.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call or email the office of the YK Seniors Society.  All of this has been put in place for the safety or you and others around you.

 Kind regards

 Kimberly Doyle

Executive Director

YK Seniors Society