Announcements for the week of Jan 21, 2021

Good Day Everyone:

Well we have all made it through this week and going into the weekend on a positive note.

A couple of things have changed here at the Baker Centre this past week.

1. You are now required to wear a mask when entering the building and in the common areas. If you are having coffee or Lunch you are not required to wear them, put if you are going to be up and moving around you need to please have a mask on.

2. The Yellowknife Seniors Society is starting to get with the ages and is now accepting e-transfers for payments of membership or whatever program you are attending here at the Baker Centre.

3. Starting next month we are going to start offering help with filing your taxes for basic tax returns. This will be a free offer for those who qualify. I am working with CRA and a couple of accountants to make this possible. I will keep you informed on when this service will start and how it will roll out.

We do have some spots available for lunches for the following dates Jan 29th and Feb 5th. If you are interested please let me know. The cost of the lunch is still $6.00.
Hope everyone has the most amazing day today. With the temperature drop stay warm and stay moving.

Kimberly Doyle

Executive Director

YK Seniors Society