Announcements April 30th

For the Week of April 30th. Welcome to the 4th Winter in Yellowknife

Happy Friday Today lunch is sponsored by Cai’s Kitchen. Located at the Days Inn

Selling May Lunch spots, come by and let me know if you would like to join us.

Knifer Cashe Box Draw Remember to register your number and to Play your toonie every week.  If you have any questions, come, and see me

Well, the last draw for April – the 27th. The number pulled had not been played! so no winner this week. too bad.

The pot rolls over to the next draw – May 4th!

Be sure to”play” a toonie EVERY week or your number doesn’t count.

You can register and prepay on the website .  Or with Kim at the Baker Center

In the announcements each week I will be posting the winner for the draw each week.

Please remember to wear a mask when entering the Baker Community Centre, sign in at the door and sanitize your hands.  When walking around the centre remember to wear your mask.