January 21 Updates

Updates for the week of January 21, 2022 from the YK Seniors Society.   

With all that is going on in town right now.  Make sure to be safe.

Membership is now due of for the 2022 year at the YK Seniors Society.  I am going to list some options on how to pay for your yearly membership. Membership fee is $15.00 for all that are 50 and older (full member) or $20.00 for all that are 19 to 49 (associate member)

1. e-transfer to ykseniorsociety@theedge.ca ,  in the message box tell me what it is for and your name and if you are paying for others theirs names also,

2. cash yes still accepting that.

3. credit card, but you have to come visit me so i can swipe your card.

What is happening or some not happening at the Baker Community Centre

1.  No dance classes until further notice at least January 30.  that will include Monday evening, Thursday afternoon and Friday evening classes.

2.Lunch with a bunch will be taking place starting Feb 4th with our limit of 50 people in the building 40 to be seated. We will not be singing O’Canada, with no exception. until the order is lifted.  Lunch tickets are on sale for the month of Feb, I have moved everyone that put their name down for the month of Jan over to Feb.  If we do not have 25 people for lunches they will be cancelled.  I will be making the call to cancel each Wednesday and will let everyone know that Wednesday.

3. Tai chi is still a go under this order.

4. Monday and Wednesday stretch class at 11:30 is still happening

5.Morning coffee is still going and Wednesday afternoon at 1:00pm coffee is still 

Please remember that when you are entering the centre that you must wear a mask and sign in and sanitize and show proof of vaccination at the door (This proof part is only if you are eating lunch on Firdays).

Please note that parking is in short supply these days with the construction of the new building.  Please carpool, or park on 57th street when possible.