December 2nd Announcements

Updates for the week of December 2nd, 2022, from the YK Seniors Society.

Todays Lunch is brought to you by You that brought items for Potluck

Thank you all for understanding that we closed last week on short Notice.  I am sorry that some of you did not receive the email, but again thank you for understanding that the parking lot needed to be cleared.

The Diwali Dinner that was put together By Prem and her amazingly Talented Friends raised approx. $ 1500.00 for the night, with the proceeds going to the YK Seniors’ Society.  Thank you again Prem

Big Shout out to Yvonne Quick for the undertaking of the coat check for the Geoscience Form that was held in November.  We need to thank the following volunteers for making this happen for a fund-raising event for the YK Seniors’ Society.

Kathy Paul-Drover, Emelda King, Cathy Yurris, Dan and Ann Costache, John Soderberg, Martha McLelland, Sue T, Karen Short Floyd Adlem, Patti Jasper, Vivian Squires, Laurie Moroz, Joan Hirons, Gordon Graydon, Janis Render, Brian Latham, Sheila Divine, Wendy Bisaro, Gail Cyr.

Special thanks going out to Patricia Rapley and Loretta K.

They all raised about $1000.00 in Tips, Will report back when the cheque comes from Geoscience how much is going to be give to us.


What is happening at the Baker Community Centre

December’s Calander is out.  Please check it out we have things going on for the Month of December.

MLA Luncheon Dec 14th Wednesday.  You need to sign up for this one starting this Friday Dec 2nd.  Cost is Free.  Come see me in the office and let me know that you are coming

Make sure to check out the days that we are closed for December.  Dec 23rd and Dec 30th there is Going to be NO LUNCH WITH A BUNCH. As we are closed.


As of January 1, 2023 we will be making price increase to our programs and rentals.  I will be sending out in a separate email what the new prices are going to be.

Knife Cache Society This Week Winner.  NO WINNER THIS WEEK. Estimation for next week is $4250.00

Make sure to either pay $2.00 each week or sign up a weekly 13. 26, or 52-week subscription

KIM  Executive Director