Avens A Community for Seniors want to hear from you!!

We need your help!


With the AVENS Pavilion in full construction, our AVENS Fundraising Committee is asking our community what activities they would like to see in our new affordable housing facility?


“With 1 incredible community wellness area, 3 dining area options, 17 social/activity rooms, and 6 spa locations, we see the AVENS Pavilion as a major attraction, not only for affordable living, but as a life enrichment center of community choices” AVENS President/CEO, Daryl Dolynny


We are now asking our community to review the questionnaire below by clicking on the link or scanning the QR code. Please check off which activities you would most likely wish to see with our new facility. This information, along with other methods of data collection will be used to finalize activity room procurement within our construction budgets and any fundraising initiatives that would be required outside this scope. We know this is just one of many steps the AVENS Fundraising Committee will undertake to engage and to get our message to the community.  We thank you for your time and support.