Friday March 31st 2023


Happy Early Easter to Everyone

Thank you all for coming to this Friday.  WE need to thank all the nice people that show up each week and help set up, serve and clean up lunch each and every week. 

With Everyone’s hard work volunteering and selling tickets we made approx.. $15720.06 in revenue for YK Seniors Society.  Thank you all for all the help and effort that went into the 2023 Raffle.


Welcome to the New Board of Directors for the YK Seniors Society (in no particular order)


Wendy Bisaro

Board or Directors

John Williston, Donna Williston, Kathy Paul-Drover, Gloria Reyes, Mieka Cameron, Hal Logsdon, Terry Hawkins, Marilyn Jordan, Donna Gibson, Margaret Beckwith,

Past President Gail Cyr

Friday April 14th will be swearing in our New Board of Directors.

Yoga with Moyra Start on Monday. April 3rd 2023 and go till June 28th.


NOTICE on April 4th and 5th Avens will be clearing the snow in the parking lots.  So that means there is going to be NO parking for the Baker Centre those two days.  If you are coming to something here either of those two days you will need to park on 57th street, Thank you for understanding.


PLEASE NOTE that April 7th Good Friday and April 10th Easter Monday the Baker Centre will be closed.


POTLUCK IS moving to Friday April 14th

Knifer Cashe,.  No Winner this week.  Make sure to keep your subscription up to date.  Don’t want to miss out on a chance to win.

See you at the meeting!

Have a great Weekend!

KIM  Executive Director