Friday May 19th Announcements

Friday May 19th 2023




Happy Friday All. 


YK Seniors Society Members and Board of Directors Welcome the people from Hay River Seniors Home.  We put a welcome package together for the residents that are staying at Avens a Community for Seniors.  We welcome the 6 residents that are calling this their home away from home.  The Welcome package is made up from the generosity of different organizations.


Pete’s PJ Drive. The Pagonis Family.  Pj’s, body wash, lotion

Sport North, Billy O  Sweatshirts (team NT)

NWTRPA Nuca  Dry Bags, T-shirts, socks

YK Hookers (knitting group) Lap Blankets


We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.


May 27th The Alzheimer Society is holding their annual walk.  The walk is starting and ending at the Baker Centre.  There is going to be a BBQ and prizes.  If you are looking to help out or register for the event you or a team reach out to Shawna Gillis Program Coordinator at 867-669-9390 and she will point you in the right direction.


Bollywood will be offered  at 7:00pm each Friday till September.  Come try it out.  The cost is $4.00 per session


We are looking for Groups of People to step forward and do a couple of Lunches during the year.  If you and group are interested, please send me an email or come and see me in the office and I will help you work out the detail.  If you sponsor a Lunch for the amount of $400.00  you can get a tax receipt.


Yk Seniors Society will be closed Monday May 22th for the long weekend.  Reopening Tuesday May 23rd


Knifer Cashe,.  No Winner.  Make sure to keep your subscription up to date.  Don’t want to miss out on a chance to win.

Have a great Weekend!

KIM  Executive Director


Delivery of the Welcome Bags to the Seniors that are staying Avens a Community for Seniors from Hay River