Announcements for Friday June 23rd

Friday June 23rd 2023        Announcements

June is Seniors Month.

Happy Friday All. 

Thank you to the Amazing Gisela Snyder for Sponsoring todays Lunch.


June 27th Tuesday, YK Seniors Society will be hosting a Seniors Tea to end Seniors Month.  Cost is Free.  WE have partnered with the Tree of Peace and Home base to offer free hand massages during this event.  Home base will be bringing the volunteers, the seniors will get the benefit of a free hand massage.  Make sure to come out and support this event.


July 1st Saturday YK Seniors Society will be keeping with tradition and having our Parade Day BREAKFAST.  The cost is going to be $5.00 CASH ONLY, (no Lunch Punch Cards will be excepted for this).  Breakfast starts at 9am.  Parade starts at 11.  Make sure to bring your chairs to be comfortable.


YK Seniors Society has partnered with TRU Earth for fundraising.  You will see the ads on our Web page and Facebook page,  If you purchase 20% of you amount come to YK Seniors Society.  This link will take you to our group page.  Thank you for helping support the YK Seniors Society


We are looking for Groups of People to step forward and do a couple of Lunches during the year.  If you and group are interested, please send me an email or come and see me in the office and I will help you work out the detail.  If you sponsor a Lunch for the amount of $400.00 you can get a tax receipt.

Knifer Cache,  No Winner.  Make sure to keep your subscription up to date.  Don’t want to miss out on a chance to win.  Approximately $2600. is up for grabs.

Reminder over the next two months there is going to be a disruption in the parking and the flow of traffic at Avens. There is going to be signs for direction. They will be installing the water lines and such to connect the Pavilion to Avens.  We will keep you up to date on when this is going to happening, Watch your emails, our Facebook and Webpage for the updates.


Have a great Weekend!

KIM  Executive Director