Friday Aug 25th Announcements

I am just sending this out to check up on you to find out that you are all ok and safe wherever you are.

I have decided to try and go back to some sense of normal.  I want to bring back the stretch class that I was teaching at the BAker Centre before everything changed.  I did this for over a year during covid.  So going to be calling it Covid Exercise.  lol

I will be doing this on our facebook page  Yellowknife Seniors Society Monday and Wednesdays at about 11:30.  Starting this Monday Aug 28th  I will leave the videos there and you can always come back later and watch.  

I am just trying to bring back a sense of normal at a not so normal time.

I am also going to set up a zoom link next week where we can all chat and see that each other are doing good.  Hoping to do that for Friday around lunch time.  Kinda like a mini LWAB for people to see each other.  I will post a link on our web page and send in an email.

I am missing you all and look forward to seeing you soon.

If you have questions you think i can help you with please ask and I will see what i can do to help

Have an amazing Friday.


Executive Director

YK Seniors Society