September 15th Announcements

Friday September 15, 2023           Announcements

 September Welcome Back from Evacuation

 Happy Friday All. 

Thank you to all that came for lunch today and contributed to todays Luncheon.

 The Board of Director and myself would like to Welcome you all back after the Evacuation.  We are slowly getting back to a regular routine and looking forward to seeing everyone return.


We will be starting to sell our Annual Raffle Tickets. Starting September 22nd and 23rd  Location Big Independent Rochdi’s (old Airport Road)


Friday Sept 22nd                                           Saturday Sept 23rd

4-6pm 2 people                                           11-1pm  2people

6-8pm 2 people                                           1-3pm    2 people

                                                                        3-5pm    2 people

 Please let me know when you are available.  Looking forward to getting back to our normal routine.  If you would like a book if tickets to sell, please come see me and I can make that happen.  Reminder if you have a book of tickets that are already sold, please bring them back to the Baker Centre.


We are looking for Groups of People to step forward and do a couple of Lunches during the year.  If you and group are interested, please send me an email or come and see me in the office and I will help you work out the detail.  If you sponsor a Lunch for the amount of $400.00 you can get a tax receipt.

 Knifer Cache,  will resume Tuesday Sept 19th, 2023 make sure you remember to play your $2.00.

 Parking is still an issue at the Baker Community Centre.  Please consider parking on 57th street or car pooling with a friend.



Have a great Weekend!

KIM  Executive Director