Facility Rentals

Executive Director: 1-867-873-9475 (E-mail: ykseniorsociety@theedge.ca)

The Yellowknife Seniors Society offers rentals of the Baker Community Centre for special events year-round.

Rental Terms and Conditions

There is NO SMOKING within the facility or around the building area & Avens area. 

Normal working hours are 9:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday. Half Day or Full Day sessions may beextended to evenings for an additional fee of $100 to cover extra costs and expenses. Weekend availability may be possible.  Evening use is limited to up to 10:00 pm

Renters of the Kitchen facilities must follow Kitchen Policy, which is to return Kitchen and all equipment and utensils to original state or a cleaning charge will be levied.

PARKING is available in Visitor parking area only.  Use of tenant parking spacesor disabledparking spots is off-limits to renters andticketing will result from unauthorized use.

A Special Occasion License must be obtained from the Liquor store if alcoholis to be served at a function.  Renters must clearly indicate intention to serve alcohol, on the Application Form.  Proof of Liquor License and Alcohol  Liability Insurance must be shown prior to event.

 All renters shall complete an Application Form and confirm booking with the Centre

Executive Director: 1-867-873-9475 (E-mail: ykseniorsociety@theedge.ca)


*** Facilities ***

Kitchen - 183 sq ft

Two stoves, two fridges, Dishwasher, pots, dishes

 Main Hall - 1270 sq ft

Capacity 93 Banquet, 36 Board Room

 Meeting Room—366 sq. ft

Capacity 16 Board Room


Kitchen: Members and Non-Profit (No Government Funding)

Half Day (0-4 hrs) $ 115.00; Full Day (4-8 hrs) $ 150.00

All other Groups/Agencies$ 145.00;   $ 195.00

Main Hall: Members and Non-Profit (No Government Funding)

 Half Day (0-4 hrs) $250.00; Full Day (4-8 hrs) $300.00

All other Groups/Agencies $300.00;   $500.00

 Meeting Room: Members and Non-Profit (No Government Funding)

Half Day (0-4 hrs) $165.00;  Full Day (4-8 hrs) $225.00

All other Groups/Agencies $225.00;   $300.00

Equipment Rentals

Drop screen for viewing $ 15.00/day                    Flip Chart and paper $ 15.00/day              Sound System $ 30.00/day

White Table Cloth $ 30.00 each           Photocopying B/W 30 c /sheet        Proxima $ 30.00/day         Wireless Mic $ 30.00/day

Cancellation Fee of the rental is $ 50.00



Our facility is equipped with a modern Hearing Loop System


A hearing loop in a room environment is simply a wire looped around the room with the ends of the wire attached to a special audio amplifier. The amplifier (PA system) at the Baker Community Centre is connected to various inputs such as a microphone and a CD player. The audio signal traveling through the wire loop creates an electromagnetic field around the wire. Sound from the PA system can be “heard” inside of the loop anywhere in the room with any hearing aid set to the “T” (telecoil) position, or by using a special headset available from the Executive Director. Other room sounds (such as people talking around you) are virtually eliminated due to the direct wireless connection to the audio signal carried in the loop wire from the PA system! The sound heard is tuned to your personal hearing aid. Sound clarity and speech intelligibility are greatly improved. Hearing and listening becomes more enjoyable, less tiring, less frustrating and helps you use your hearing aid for more.

Ask your audiologist if your hearing aid has a "T" coil (usually a tiny switch), if you are not sure. Most new hearing aids have it included.