July 20th Announcements

Lunch with a Bunch

Yellowknife Seniors’ Society

Friday July 20th, 2018

Lunch today is brought to you by our very own WALK TO TUK TEAM. Margaret, Barb, Bev, Janice, Thola, Linda, Karen, and Amanda for the running around.

Our walk to Tuk team is made up of the ladies that do the walking group every morning, members of the society.  These ladies have been doing the walk to Tuk for the seven years I have been at the Baker Centre and many years prior. There are about 19 people that par take in this Jan to March event every year.

We are fully booked for the BBQ season.  I need to thank everyone that has signed up to help this summer season/

Al-Anon Family Group meets every Thursday evening at 7 pm at the Baker Centre. If you are concerned about a family or friend drinking too much alcohol, please come, we can help.